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Rina Nakanishi Aka Rinatin Aka Rico Yamaguchi

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Nama Asli: Rina Nakanishi
Nickname: Rinatin
Nama Lain: Rico Yamaguchi
Tanggal Lahir : June 26th, 1988
Tempat Lahir : Oita, Japan
Star Sign: Cancer
Blood type: A
Height: 156cm
Hobbies: Cooking
Favourite artist: Matsuura Aya
Favourite movie: Peter Pan.
Favourite colours: Pink, black.
Favourite flower: Tulips.
Bust: 78cm
Waist: 58cm
Hips: 80cm
Rina Nakanishi aka Rinatin aka Rico Yamaguchi

Rina Nakanishi is a former singer for the Japanese idol girl group AKB48, and former adult video idol, using the name Rico Yamaguchi. Also usually known with name Rinatin. This young women which is 24 years old, actually was originally personnel biggest idol group in Japan, AKB 48. 

In fact, Rina who has the nickname Rinatin made ​​it into the A team in AKB48. A team of personnel is the top choice of the fans. In the tradition of AKB48, for personnel who are "old enough", there is a procession called "Graduation". AKB48 girls who had graduated removed from the team and can't sing anymore with AKB48.

Rico Yamaguchi

Graduation is not merely a matter of who has reached the age limit of 20, but also can  be due to illness or caught makes doing things that damage the image of AKB48, like dating.

Interestingly, the public never knew why Nakanishi must undergo a graduation procession on 23 November 2008. There are rumors that this girl passed because of illness, but some are calling for a girl born in Oita has a lover. Clearly, graduation Rina Nakanishi surprising number of fans.

In 2005, Nakanishi dropped out of high school in Ōita Prefecture in order to audition for the Japanese female pop singing group AKB48. She passed the audition and became one of the first generation members of the group as part of AKB48's "Team A" and also the unit Chocolove from AKB48. 

She made an appearance, along with other AKB48's members, at the 58th NHK Kōhaku Uta Gassen. In November 2008, she graduated from AKB48 after the final performance of Team A's 4th Stage Revival, leaving because of chronic back pain and asthma. In June 2010, she stated on her fan club official blog site that she would be returning to her hometown of Ōita to take a break and recharge.

The following month, she began a new career as an actress in the adult video (AV) industry, debuting for the Alice Japan company with Rico Yamaguchi AV Debut. For her AV appearances, she began using the new name Rico Yamaguchi, and she also a different birth date on her new profile (December 12, 1990).

Although she only began her AV career in August 2010, the major Japanese video retailer DMM (part of the Hokuto Corporation) ranked her #1 in DVD sales for the entire year of 2010,[8] and she ranked #5 at DMM for the first half of 2011. 

Rico Yamaguchi released a nude photobook, Departure, and she has starred in further adult videos for Alice Japan and, in 2011, for the Soft On Demand company.

In March 2011, Rina's younger sister made her AV debut under the name: Riku Yamaguchi, with the movie Real Young Sister's National Icon Rico AV Debut.

The two sisters appeared together in the movie The Rico Yamaguchi and Sister Riku Yamaguchi First and Last Collaboration, released in December 2011.

In February 2012, it was announced that both Rico and her sister Riku Yamaguchi would be retiring from the adult video business. Their last release was a five - DVD set containing all twelve of Rico's videos and all eleven of Riku's, with some new material.

Rico Yamaguchi Movies Released:

27 - 08 - 2010, Rico Yamaguchi AV Debut.
24 - 09 - 2010, Sensitive Body Be Tied - Rico Yamaguchi.
22 - 10 - 2010, 4 Styles of Rich Sex - Rico Yamaguchi.
26 - 11 - 2010, Sex within 2.5 Seconds - Rico Yamaguchi.
24 - 12 - 2010, Endless Cleaning Fellatio - Rico Yamaguchi.
08 - 01 - 2011, SOD Debut ! Ultra Thin Digital Mosaic Debut !
05 - 02 - 2011, School Costume Play / Gakuen Cosplay.
05 - 03 - 2011, My Wife is a National Idol - Rico Yamaguchi.
07 - 04 - 2011, Rico Yamaguchi - Pervert Play Sex.
07 - 05 - 2011, Rico Yamaguchi - Perfect Camera Eye.
04 - 06 - 2011, Rico Yamaguchi - National Idol, The Awake of Sexual Desire.
07 - 07 - 2011, Love Love Living Together Diary.
08 - 12 - 2012, The Rico Yamaguchi and Sister Riku Yamaguchi First and Last Collaboration.

Bonus Pictures of Rina Nakanishi aka Rinatin aka Rico Yamaguchi: