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Profile Kim Jeffrey Kurniawan

Author: Wikipedia.org

Nama Lengkap: Kim Jeffrey Kurniawan

Kakak: Jennifer Jasmin Kurniawan

Tempat Tanggal Lahir: Mühlacker, March 23, 1990. 20 years old.

Kim Jeffrey Kurniawan his Career is an Indonesian-German football player, currently playing for the Indonesian football club Persema Malang. He gained fame in Indonesia after the Indonesian Football Association (PSSI) decided to naturalize Kurniawan for their "naturalization program." He will become an Indonesian national in January 2011.

Personal Life

Kurniawan was born in Mühlacker, Germany, to a German mother Uschi and a Chinese Indonesian father Petrus Kurniawan. His grandfather from his father's side, Kwee Hong Sing, was also a footballer who played for Persija Jakarta and also the Indonesian national football team in the 1950s. Born as a German national, Kurniawan decided to obtain an Indonesian passport after PSSI offered him to play for the national team. He came to Indonesia in early 2010 with other Indonesian descent footballers Irfan Bachdim and Alessandro Trabucco. They were invited by PSSI to play in two charity games. Along with Bachdim, he was widely mentioned by many local medias after their well performance in the game. In January 2011, he will officially hold an Indonesian passport, the first naturalized football player after Cristian Gonzáles, who had done it earlier in November 2010. - Job


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