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Aaron Kwok Profile and Picture


Name: 郭富城 / Kwok Fu Shing (Guo Fu Cheng) 
English Name: Aaron Kwok 
Also Known as: Gwok Fu Sing / Sing Sing 
Birthdate & Birthplace: 1965-Oct-26 , Hong Kong 
Job: Actor and singer 
Height: 172cm 
Weight: 64kg 
Star Sign: Scorpio 
Chinese Zodiac: Snake 
Blood Type: A 
Family: Two older brothers and an older sister 
Talent Agency: First Strong Workshop, Ltd. 
Record Label: Music Nation Group  
Endorsements: Pepsi

Aaron Kwok Fu Shing is a famous singer and film actor in Hong Kong. The Chinese media refer to him, Jacky Cheung, Andy Lau and Leon Lai as the Cantopop Four Heavenly Kings (四大天王 Cantonese: sêi daài tïn wong, Pinyin: sì dà tiān wáng). He is also known as “Hong Kong’s Michael Jackson” because of his excellent dancing ability.

In 2004, Aaron held a series of concerts which impressed fans and critics alike, and garnered him a Hong Kong Dance award presented by the Hong Kong Dance Alliance. Due to the overwhelming success of his 2004 concert series, Aaron held a second series of concert in the following year. He shaved his head for his 2005 concert, and his new image surprised a lot of the audiences. “The Aaron Kwok Mega Hits Live In Concert 2005 Chapter II” got great reviews from the audiences and the media, due to Aaron’s amazing performance and fabulous clothing.

At the Taiwan’s 42nd Golden Horse Awards ceremony on November 13, 2005, Aaron won the Best Leading Actor title for his role in “Divergence” by beating out Hong Kong veteran Tony Leung Ka-Fai and took everyone, including himself, by surprise. This was also Aaron’s first Golden Horse nomination.
Aaron was a dancer before he started his music career. He started out as a background dancer for TVB music and variety shows. He first gained recognition in Taiwan for a TV advertisement. Soon after, in 1990, his debut album “Love You Endlessly”( 對你愛不完 Cantonese: dêui néi ngoî bät yun, Pinyin: duì ní aì bù wán) was released in Taiwan. This album had sold more than 500,000 records in both Taiwan and Hong Kong. The song “Love You Endlessly” (對你愛不完) was the biggest hit in the early 90s. The success of his first album made him famous in Hong Kong and earned him the title as one of the Four Heavenly Kings in the Chinese music industry.

Aaron Kwok TV Series
Hearts of Fencing II – Sunshine Heartbeat (TVB, 2004, guest star)
Romancing Hong Kong (2003)
Wars of Bribery (TVB, 1996)
Heartstrings (1994)
Revelation of the Last Hero (TVB, 1992)
Modern Love Story III
Man from Guangdong (TVB, 1991)
Yuppies on the Move
Song Bird (TVB, 1990)
When Things Get Tough (1990)
Two of a Kind (TVB, 1989)
Genghis Khan (TVB, 1987)

TV Series Theme Songs
Light Moth (燈蛾), Burning Flame II opening theme song (TVB, 2002)
Wars of Bribery opening theme song (TVB, 1996)
Revelation of the Last Hero opening theme song (TVB, 1992)

The Silver Valley (2008)
Father and Son / After This Our Exile (2006)
Divergence (2005)
Throwdown (2004)
Heat Team (2004)
And I Hate You So (2002)
Para Para Sakura (2001)
2000 A.D. (2000)
China Strike Force (2000)
The Storm Riders (1998)
Somebody Up There Likes Me (1996)
Anna Magdelena (1998)
Whatever Will Be, Will Be (1995)
The Bare-Footed Kid (1993)
Millionaire Cop (1993)
Kung Fu Scholar (1993)
A Moment of Romance II (1993)
Saviour of the Soul (1993)
The Thief of Time (TVB, 1992, TV movie)
Game Kids (1992)
Gangs ’92 (1992)
Rhythm of Destiny (1992)
Truant Heroes (1992)
Lee Rock II (1991)
The Queen of Gamble (1991)
Close Escape (1989)

Aaron's Chinese name was used as the city name in Eastern Hero; it was often mentioned during the show for comic relief.

Aaron Kwok Pictures

Aaron Kwok's Girl Friend Pictures (Lynn Siong)

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