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Mike Jagger Profile and Picture

Author: wikipedia.org, classicrock.about.com (mixed)

Mike Jagger


Full Name:


July 26, 1943


Dartford, Kent (England) 

Singer-songwriter, musician, record and film producer, actor 
Rock and roll, blues, blues-rock, psychedelic rock

Vocals, harmonica, percussion, guitar, bass, keyboards
Virgin, Rolling Stones, ABKCO, Universal
Associated acts
The Rolling Stones  
"It's all right letting yourself go, as long as you can get yourself back."

Career History:

Sir Michael Philip "Mick" Jagger (born 26 July 1943) is an English musician, singer-songwriter, actor, and producer, best known as the lead vocalist of rock band, The Rolling Stones. Jagger has also acted in and produced several films.
The Rolling Stones started in the early 1960s as a rhythm and blues cover band with Jagger as frontman. Beginning in 1964, Jagger and guitarist Keith Richards developed a songwriting partnership, and by the mid-1960s the group had evolved into a major rock band. Frequent conflict with the authorities (including alleged drug use and his romantic involvements) ensured that during this time Jagger was never far from the headlines, and he was often portrayed as a counterculture figure. In the late 1960s Jagger began acting in films (starting with Performance and Ned Kelly), to mixed reception. In the 1970s, Jagger, with the rest of the Stones, became tax exiles, consolidated their global position and gained more control over their business affairs with the formation of the Rolling Stones Records label.
Jagger first band was called Little Boy Blue and the Blue Boys. As a teenager, he went to school with Keith Richards, and together they helped form the original Rolling Stones. He attended the London School of Economics, but found singing and songwriting to be more fulfilling. Since 1970, he has appeared in ten movies, most recently "Mayor of the Sunset Strip" in 2003. 

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