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Profile Artists Of Gigi Erneta


Profile Artists Of Gigi Erneta

Full Name: Gigi Erneta

Born: New York

Parents: Argentinean

Starting Career: Since 8 years Old

Profile Artists - Gigi Erneta

Gigi Erneta was born in New York, and she have parents from Argentinean. Gigi started for her Career since 8 years Old. Gigi beside acting, she also directed, written, and produced projects for ABC and NASA. Gigi also wrote and produced her own film, Counterplay. After moving to Los Angeles, she devoted all her time to acting. Gigi’s had several recurring roles on several TV shows, including Veronica Mars and the CW’s Desire. Gigi Erneta plays Mrs. Dunn on Friday Night Lights, and has had roles in over 40 films and tv shows. Upcoming film releases include, Fire From Below, Risen, Mia’s Father, Vampire in Vegas, Hallettsville, Deadly Obsession, Code Enforcer, Dusk, Counterplay and 2 new webisodes. Gigi stars in Risen, which is out in select theatres in the United States. Gigi is slated to star in several more films in 2009, and Co-Direct her first Family Film. Her passion lies in creating quality projects without “breaking” the bank.

Profile Artists Of Gigi Erneta

Although, Gigi has starred in several horror films and thrillers, she has tapped into many other genres. Gigi Erneta is transitioning into more action oriented and family films. In addition to being a film actress, Gigi is on television quite often, either as a host, on a commercial, or the “Voice” on a commercial. 

Picture Of Gigi Erneta

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